The mission of the McCall MacBain Scholarships at McGill is to build a responsive community of formidable leaders and creative professionals dedicated to advancing global understanding and improving human welfare throughout the world. Scholars will be selected from all corners of the country and, in 2022, from across the globe. In April 2019, events will be hosted across Canada to introduce the awards in each region of the country. 

of Scholars

McCall MacBain Scholars may seek to deepen their perspective by pursuing a traditional master’s degree in the same field as their undergraduate studies. Or, they may aim to broaden their disciplinary horizons by pursuing a graduate degree in a related field or in one of McGill’s first-class interdisciplinary graduate programs. Still others may seek to become experts in their fields by completing a first professional degree.

Whatever their academic paths, McCall MacBain Scholars will be united by their relentless intellectual curiosity, their commitment to academic excellence, and their abiding interest in applying their research and translating knowledge into solutions to complex and pressing challenges for the betterment of communities near and far. Because effective problem-solving is often informed by seeking out and incorporating vastly different perspectives and multi-disciplinary approaches, we envision a diverse cohort of scholars whose members bring a broad range of intellectual interests, cultural and geographic experiences and backgrounds, and a strong spirit of collaboration and deep interest in learning from others.

In the first two years, Scholars will be selected from all corners of the country, eventually building up to include Scholars from across the globe. From its inception, the McCall MacBain Scholarships will give Scholars access to national and international contacts and networks who can inspire and support them to unlock their potential. Over time, as Scholars graduate and the McCall MacBain alumni community builds around the world, Scholars will benefit from a lifelong international network of fellow Scholars and alumni.


At McGill University, McCall MacBain Scholars will join a community of 9,000 graduate students choosing from over 400 graduate programs, and they will have access to cutting-edge facilities housed in over 100 research centres.

McCall MacBain Scholars will form part of the McGillian community, which draws international students and leading faculty from over 150 countries worldwide, and spans a thriving, global network of over 250,000 alumni living in 180 countries. At McGill, McCall MacBain Scholars will study with some of the world’s most prominent teachers, researchers and scholars, in both disciplinary and interdisciplinary settings.

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