Aastha Goyal

2022 McCall MacBain Scholar

McGill Faculty of Engineering, MSc, Materials Engineering

McGill University (BEng’22)

Kitchener, ON

Aastha is president of the Engineering Undergraduate Society at McGill, leading a team that oversees over 60 student clubs, committees, and teams. She started Engaged Learning in Engineering (ELINE), a committee that hosts events to help students improve their learning methods, and she led outreach for a student club seeking to improve the presence of women in engineering. Aastha also led an intramural volleyball team and has worked as a teaching assistant for four terms. Aastha will begin a Master of Science in Materials Engineering, which will allow her to research the design of new materials, which may be used for production of batteries, solar panels, and semiconductors to meet clean energy demands. As an intern, she has worked on several renewable/hybrid power and hydrometallurgy projects.