Anna Gaudet

2022 McCall MacBain Scholar

McGill Faculty of Arts, MA, History

Dalhousie University (BA’22)

Halifax, NS

Anna serves as a board director and Metro Halifax advisor, supervising a team of 20 youth, for the Nova Scotia Secondary Students Association. She volunteers with the Concours d’art oratoire, Canada’s largest annual French public speaking competition, and this year represented Arts and Social Science students as a Dalhousie Student Union council member. She is completing a Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability and History at Dalhousie. Having developed a passion for personal and public history, Anna runs a program providing free genealogy reports to seniors and spends her summers working at national historic sites. During the year, she has worked part-time as a teaching assistant and tutor. She will pursue a Master of Arts in History at McGill.

“Just apply! The interview process alone is really rewarding. They make it worth your time. They get to know you and ask you questions that are really important and help you reflect on your work.”
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