Emilee Bews

2022 McCall MacBain Scholar

McGill Faculty of Education, MA, Education & Society

University of Calgary (BA’22)

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Emilee completed her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Calgary. Connecting with her Indigenous heritage, she volunteered as an Indigenous student peer mentor and served on Calgary's Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls Committee. During the pandemic, she facilitated creative writing workshops and developed summer camp programs for elementary school students. Emilee developed team leadership skills at a young age, having been promoted to swing manager at McDonald's at age 18. She carried these skills throughout her studies and role as the Indigenous librarian assistant at the University of Calgary. After she graduated, she began a Master of Arts in Education and Society at McGill as a McCall MacBain Scholar.

“This scholarship opens so many doors, allowing me to further my studies and work towards creating meaningful change with Indigenous education. I’m thrilled to be a part of a cohort that allows me to learn with and from the other scholars while having the opportunity to develop and share my passion.”
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