Kiran Sahani

2024 McCall MacBain Scholar

McGill Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, MSc, Public Health

Ashoka University (BSc'22, Dipl'23)

Kolkata, India

Kiran has a bachelor's degree in biology and a postgraduate diploma from Ashoka University, and worked as a mentor to resident assistants. Through Jagran, a community-based club that she co-founded 10 years ago with support from World Vision India, she has helped organize more than 100 street plays, puppet shows, and campaigns to address social issues. Kiran volunteered for eight years with World Vision, led outreach for an organization helping marginalized students get into Indian universities, and now facilitates educational sessions for students aged 5 to 18 as a Play for Peace volunteer. Having witnessed health challenges faced by the Dalit community, Kiran intends to pursue a master's degree in public health at McGill.