Larissa Chiu

2021 McCall MacBain Scholar

McGill Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, MSc, Neuroscience

University of British Columbia (BSc'21)

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves, Larissa gave back to the air cadets program by teaching, organizing activities, and flying as a tow pilot. She led the aviation club at UBC for the past three years, volunteered as a first aid responder, and was vice-president of the UBC neuroscience club. Larissa also started two projects: one to gather personal protective equipment donations and deliver them to frontline workers in rural areas, and another to promote intercultural learning through food. Larissa completed an honours degree in cellular, anatomical, and physiological sciences at UBC, and worked part-time during her studies. In September 2021, she entered the Integrated Program in Neuroscience at McGill.