McCall MacBain Scholarships

A full graduate scholarship at McGill University

The scholarship will cover your tuition and fees for a full-time master’s program or a second-entry professional undergraduate program (i.e. dentistry, law, or medicine) at McGill. It will also provide you with a living stipend of $2,000 per month during academic terms.

More importantly, the McCall MacBain Scholarship will connect you to the mentorship, interdisciplinary learning, and global community you need to make a positive impact on the world.

Mentors and Advisors

As a McCall MacBain Scholar, you’ll build meaningful relationships with mentors and advisors who will challenge you to reach your goals – and set new ones.

Interdisciplinary Learning

As part of a cohort of scholars from different fields, you’ll participate in workshops, retreats, and leadership coaching. This interdisciplinary curriculum is designed to help you deepen your skills and accelerate your impact.


Connect with global thinkers within the broader McGill and McCall MacBain communities through lectures, conferences, workshops, and events.

About the McCall MacBain Scholarships

First announced in 2019, the McCall MacBain Scholarships are Canada’s first comprehensive, leadership-driven scholarships at the master’s level. Find out more.

Open to all disciplines

You can apply for the McCall MacBain Scholarship in 2021 if you are planning to apply for Fall 2022 admission to a full-time master’s or second-entry professional undergraduate program at McGill University. Programs with Summer 2022 admission only are also acceptable. The program must consist of 45 credits or more and take place primarily on one of McGill’s two campuses.

Master's Degrees

MA (Arts), MArch (Architecture), MATL (Arts in Teaching and Learning), MBA (Business Administration), MEd (Education), MEng (Engineering), MISt (Information Studies), MM (Management), MMus (Music), MPP (Public Policy), MSc (Science), MScA (Science, Applied), MScAPT (Science, Applied in Physical Therapy), MScAOT (Science, Applied in Occupational Therapy), MSW (Social Work), MUP (Urban Planning), LLM (Law), STM (Sacred Theology). Explore all programs on the McGill Graduate Admissions website.

Second-Entry Professional Undergraduate Degrees

Graduate certificates, executive master’s programs, PhDs, joint degree programs, qualifying-year studies, and programs that take place outside of Montreal are examples of programs not covered by the McCall MacBain Scholarships.

If you have questions about the eligibility of a program, please email us at [email protected]

A full range of awards

As a McCall MacBain Scholarship applicant, you are eligible for additional awards. Close to 60 finalist and regional awards will be offered to candidates who distinguish themselves during the interview process.


Finalist awards of $10,000 each, for graduate studies at McGill University


Regional awards of $5,000 each, for graduate studies at any public university in Canada

Ready to explore new concepts and challenge yourself while working with a diverse cohort of fellow scholars?